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Whether youre considering converting to solar power or youve already made the decision to go solar, its important you get answers to the most common questions.

  • Which solar panels provide the most electricity?
  • How long will my panels last?
  • Which panel manufacturer can I trust to honor their long-term warranty?

Since our founding in 1918 and through the 100 years since, weve developed innovative technologies across ever-changing social landscapes. Now its time to protect the next generation and pave the way for the future.

Panasonic premium HIT solar panels deliver sleek design, industry-leading power conversion, extreme all-weather durability and bigger energy savings for every home.

The HIT high performance advantag

Heterojunction technology minimizes electron loss
Thin amorphous silicon layers reduce electron carrier loss to minimal levels. The result is a remarkably high-efficiency solar cell that produces greater long-term energy output.

Innovative pyramid structure absorbs more sunlight
A uniquely effective pyramid structure optimizes sunlight capture. By reducing outward reflection and directing sun rays inward to the cell, HIT absorbs more sunlight and generates more electricity for your home.

Dual-sided cells multiply energy output
Advanced bifacial cells work in concert with the pyramid structure to multiply solar power output exponentially. Available sunlight is captured from both sides of the panel, converting more sunlight into electricity.

Higher performance at high temperatures
As midday temperatures rise, conventional panels weaken. Featuring an industry leading temperature coefficient of -0.258% /C, our patented cell design delivers peak efficiency, even in the hottest climates.

Smart water drainage for peak power
Water stains can inhibit optimal sunlight penetration and panel efficiency. A special water drainage system prevents rain water accumulation and eliminates water stains from the panel surface.

Strict quality testing standards for long-life performance
Conducted under Panasonic quality assurance best practices, our stringent performance and durability testing lets us guarantee you decades of worry-free operation.


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