N325G HIT S Series
Optimized by SolarEdge


HIT S Series Smart Module combines the efficiency of HIT solar panels with the intelligence of SolarEdge optimizers. Offering greater design flexibility, the fully integrated solar solution provides a powerful combination that creates a smarter home solar system while harvesting more energy per module.

Panasonic solar panels are backed by our industry-leading parts and performance warranty that guarantees minimum power output of 90.76% after 25 years*. SolarEdges power optimizer warranty is for 25 years and its inverter warranty is for 12 years, extendable to 20 or 25 years.


  • HIT 325W solar module with integrated SolarEdge optimizer
  • Harvest more energy from each module
  • More design flexibility for higher power efficiency
  • Lower installation costs, higher ROI
  • Greater safety and protection

Harvest more energy from each module

With advanced electronics built in, Module-level Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) allows each module to individually generate maximum energy output. That means your HIT S Series Smart Module can produce more energy compared to other modules. Power loss from shading and module mismatch is also reduced, helping generate even more power output from each panel.
More design flexibility for higher power efficiency

Strings up to 6kWp in residential systems for increased design flexibility on complex roofs. Individual MPPT allows panels on multiple roof facets, orientations, and tilts, meaning more panels and higher power output per system.
Lower installation costs, higher ROI

HIT S Series Smart Module is engineered for faster installation times on even the most complex roof designs, resulting in substantially lower labor costs. In addition, panel-level performance monitoring and remote maintenance means fewer site visits and higher uptime. Plus, with free lifetime panel and system monitoring youll enjoy a higher overall return on your solar investment.
Greater safety and protection

When dealing with high voltage, safety comes first. SolarEdge SafeDC cuts DC current and reduces voltage to safe levels when inverter or grid power is shut down.
High performance at high temperatures

Where most panels weaken and underperform in hot temperatures, HIT S Series outperforms like no other panel. Our industry-low temperature coefficient of -0.258%/ generates more solar power than competing models on the warmest days.


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