Asphalt Shingles

For optimum durability, cost, and style we suggest asphalt shingles for many of our customers. Nearly four fifths of the homes in America have asphalt-roofing systems ( because of their manageable upkeep and relatively low initial costs.

With this form of shingle, Chico Roofing Company includes all the aspects necessary to create and maintain a healthy new roof including specified hip and ridge shingles, ventilation products, shingles, and waterproofing underlayment. Below is a model of the basic aspects of an asphalt roof that we would apply to your home.

Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles

Here at Chico Roofing Company, we have reached a high level of customer satisfaction that has allowed us to align our company with the industry’s best manufacturers. The following manufacturers have recognized Chico Roofing as a top roofing contractor in Northern California which allows us to offer extended non-prorated workmanship warranties for up to 15 years and other exclusive benefits. Elk Corporation has awarded Chico Roofing with the title of “Everest Contractor,” CertainTeed has awarded Chico Roofing with the title of “Select Shingle Roofer,” and Owens Corning has awarded Chico Roofing with the title of “Preferred Contractor” status. Below is a list of these suppliers as well as the link that will take you directly to the roofing products each offers.

Owens Corning:

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Metal Roofing

In recent years metal roofs have been growing in popularity because of their durability, quality of fire resistance, and lightweight design.

These roofs are capable of lasting as long as the house due to their efficiency in sealing out water, resisting fire and mildew, and surviving a range of weather conditions. Metal shingles are also very lightweight so they can be applied over existing structures and installation is relatively fast. Metal also reflects heat from the sun allowing these roofs to minimize midday heat gain.

While a metal roof has many benefits it is important to be aware of a few drawbacks as well. The major drawback may be the initial cost depending on your situation. If you plan on staying in the house for a long time then you will see the cost returned to you, but if you plan on moving in a few years then a metal roof may not be right.

Chico Roofing Company uses DECRA Roofing System for their metal roofing products. Below we give you some of the features of this brand and helpful links to see if a metal roof is right for your home.

DECRA Roofing Systems:

Metal roofs are quickly becoming the choice among builders, homeowners, and even insurance companies. DECRA Roofing Systems offer the latest in technology and appearance by counterbalancing beauty with a strong infrastructure. DECRA roofs are a trend likely to become the standard among commercial and residential customers. Not only are these roofs highly functional, but DECRA Shingle Plus has also received the best response from readers of the 2005 Metal Roofing Magazine Idea Book and has been awarded Metal Roofing Magazine’s Metal of Honor for 2005.

Features and benefits of DECRA shingles:

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Won’t crack, curl, split, or rot
  • Non-combustible (Class A material)
  • Impact resistant – (highest rating)
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
  • Non-porous
  • Color variety
  • Fast installation
  • Transferable 50 year warranty

Styles & Information:

Tile Shake Shingle Shingle Plus

For more information on DECRA Roofing Systems, visit: