Chico Roofing Continuous Ridge Vent System

Energy Efficient Roofing Systems

Asphalt Shingles

For optimum durability, cost, and style we suggest asphalt shingles for many of our customers. Nearly four fifths of the homes in America have asphalt-roofing systems because of their manageable upkeep and relatively low initial costs. With this form of shingle, Chico Roofing Company includes all the aspects necessary to create and maintain a healthy new roof including specified hip and ridge shingles, ventilation products, shingles, and waterproofing underlayment. Below is a model of the basic aspects of an asphalt roof that we would apply to your home.


Metal Roofing

In recent years metal roofs have been growing in popularity because of their durability, quality of fire resistance, and lightweight design.  These roofs are capable of lasting as long as the house due to their efficiency in sealing out water, resisting fire and mildew, and surviving a range of weather conditions. Metal shingles are also very lightweight so they can be applied over existing structures and installation is relatively fast. Metal also reflects heat from the sun allowing these roofs to minimize midday heat gain.


Premium Stone Coated Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofs are quickly becoming the choice among builders, homeowners, and even insurance companies. Gerard USA Roofing Systems offer the latest in technology and appearance by counterbalancing beauty with a strong infrastructure. Gerard Stone coated steel metal roofing tiles are available in a variety of stunning profiles and colors to bring out the best in your home. Designed to deliver a lifetime of beauty, reliable service and value you will see why Gerard is the best choice you can make when it comes to choosing your next roofing material.


Ridge Vent System

A ridge vent runs the entire length of the roof peak, have a low profile and blend into the roofline for a more attractive home. Once installed it provides exceptional attic ventilation and is almost invisible from the ground. Years of research prove that a ridge vent with external baffles and an internal weather filter, combined with undereave venting, is the most efficient system you can install.

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